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Name of Project: Aquacorporacion de Honduras S.A.
Source of technology: APT
Country: Honduras
Species: Tilapia nilotica
Major product: Fresh, skinless and boneless fillets, 5-9 oz
Major Markets: US, through its own marketing company (Mountain Stream)
Start up year: 1996
Present level of production: 9,800  tons/year
Land area: 45 ha until 2004, currently 120 ha
Water source: Discharge from a hydroelectric power plant, Lake Yojoa

Aquacorporacion de Honduras S.A. - Fish Farm Expansion Slideshow
Third expansion of the fish farm

One of the World’s largest and most intensive Tilapia projects, designed by APT in late 1995 and 1996. APT provided for this project a complete technology package.

The project is located near the city of San Pedro Sula, Honduras, and owned by Aqua Corporacion de Honduras. Water is obtained from Lake Yojoa through a hydro-electric power plant and discharged through the production ponds by gravity flow, at a rate of 12 m³/sec. The project is self-sufficient and includes: Spawning and sex reversal system, nursery ponds, concrete raceway-type ponds for growout and a fully equipped processing plant, HACCP approved.

The history of project development occurred as follows:
Feasibility Study – performed by APT and completed by November 1995.
Basic and detailed engineering – performed by APT in early 1996.
Onset of construction – by local contractors, early 1996.
First spawning cycle – September 1996.
First production cycle – completed in September 1997, with 1000 ton/year.
First expansion (phase II) – 1999, to 2000 ton/year.
Second expansion (phase III & IV) 2001, to achieve 4,000 ton/year capacity.
Actual production output until 2004 – 5,800 ton per year.
Third expansion 2004, added additional 75 ha to reach 9,800 ton per year.
Present production – 9,800 ton per year.

All expansion phases of the project, throughout the years of the project, were conducted according to the original engineering design and production concepts of APT. We take pride in the fact that actual production level achieved by the project (5,800 ton/year) until 2004 far exceeds the original design capacity of 4,000 ton/year. Further expansion, designed by APT using the Green-Water method, was carried out in 2004 bringing overall production capacity to 9,800 ton per year.

Fresh fillets (5-9 oz) are available and marketed by Mountain Stream™. Mountain Stream™ markets fresh Tilapia fillets from other Tilapia projects designed by APT, including
El Salvador, Peru and Belize.
The fillets marketed by Mountain Stream™ from all these projects are considered best Tilapia available in America, awarded the Gold Medal for taste and freshness in 2004 by the American Tasting Institute.

For inquiries visit Mountain Stream™ website:

Best Class Tilapia

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