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Getting started
Step by step...Starting a project
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    Step by step...starting a project

Initiation of an aquaculture project is a complex matter. You cannot afford to make mistakes. We suggest that you establish contact with APT and proceed step by step, as follows:
  1. Tell us what are your interests regarding fish farming. We shall then answer promptly with suggestions as to how you can become involved in aquaculture.
  2. Site identification is the first step in the development of an aquaculture project (see site selection). What kind of land, water and climate do you have?
  3. We shall let you know whether the proposed site(s) appear suitable. We shall then proceed to discuss options for development.
  4. Our experts will visit the site(s) and, with your assistance, collect the relevant technical and economic data.
  5. Back in APT headquarters, we will analyze the information and define a project concept suitable for your site.
  6. A full Feasibility Study & Business Plan will be prepared in a Bankable format and serves as the basis for raising capital and schedule planning.
  7. APT assists in presenting the business plan to potential investors, such as company boards, banks or international development organizations.

For detailed information regarding the entire project implementation process see: Products & Services.

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