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Getting started
Step by step...Starting a project
Site selection
Rapid evaluation Program
Data Collection Manual
Fish Farming Glossary

    Site selection

The success of a fish farming project largely depends on your project site conditions. Site conditions determine whether your fish farm will competitively produce. Correct selection of the site, and correct design of your fish farm in this site, can ‘make-or-break’ your new business.

APT developed the expertise of identifying, analyzing and selecting best possible sites for fish and prawn farming. Site selection process takes into account the biological traits of the target fish or Shrimp crop, the intended production capacity, the facilities required to achieve optimal and cost effective production.

Factors to consider:
Climate Precipitation, temperature range, winds, solar radiation, cloudiness
Water source Type, availability, seasonal flow rate, elevations, flooding
Water quality Composition, salinity, mud erosion, etc
Land Topography and the elevation system of land and water source
Soil Profile and mechanical characteristics for construction
Environment Pollution, hazards, sensitive ecological niches
Infrastructure Roads, services, access, communication, electrical grid, etc
Social Neighbors

APT will provide Guidelines for Site Identification. Preliminary ‘site data’ is gathered by you according to APT’s Data Collection Manual.

Once a potential site is identified, APT will send a technical team to the site to evaluate site conditions and gather detailed information needed to determine the suitability of the site for the aquaculture project.

To start the process, try our Rapid Evaluation Program.

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