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Getting started
Step by step...Starting a project
Site selection
Rapid evaluation Program
Data Collection Manual
Fish Farming Glossary

    Data Collection Manual

The Data Collection Manual organizes the gathering of preliminary data needed to select a suitable site for your fish farm, whether a Tilapia fish farm or other.

The information gathered in this Manual will be used by APT to determine the suitability of the site and to define a Project Concept, suited for the site conditions.

The Manual is provided as a questionnaire, divided into the following categories:

  Land Data
  Water Sources
  Water Analysis
  Climatic Data
  Map Preparation

APT will send you the Data Collection Manual after receiving preliminary information and when we agree together to proceed to the next step in project implementation. The information you provide should specify your plans and intensions regarding fish farming development.

We recommend that you first use our
Rapid Evaluation Program.

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