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Getting started
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    Getting started

APT helps you make the right decisions during your first steps into FISH FARMING

How to choose the right aquaculture system for me?
What is the best possible crop?

Aquaculture can be conducted profitably in a wide variety of conditions and environments. The choice of production system and crop product for your project is affected by local conditions, such as water availability and quality, site topography and climate.

For example, different pond types may prove more profitable for different objectives:
Large earthen ponds: used in the US for Catfish, and for Shrimp in tropical countries.
Small concrete ponds: used for Tilapia in Israel, and for trout in Europe and US .
Cages: used in the cold Northern seas for Salmon, in the warm water of the Mediterranean sea for Bream, and in Integrated Fish farming and Irrigation reservoirs for Tilapia.

How much do I have to invest?
Aquaculture is a capital-intensive venture. Capital is required for construction of ponds, water system, aeration system, operational equipment, etc. The investment and economic projections are analyzed by APT in a Business Plan, which is key to raising project financing.

How shall I decide?
This is a cardinal question. After all, you design the project once, early on, and construct it within a short time. However, you expect the fish farm to stand-by you, producing for you day-in, day-out, for many years, exactly as you planned!

Criteria for an optimal aquaculture project:

• Located on a suitable site, reliable water source, suitable land and friendly neighbors
• Knowledge of the relevant climatic and land conditions
• Access to the relevant target markets
• Surrounded by supportive infrastructure
• Designed as a multipurpose production system
• Engineered and constructed to last
• Planned conservatively for cost-effective production, under local conditions
• Backed up technologically
• Environmentally friendly enterprise

What crop organism should I produce?
Criteria for selecting the appropriate aquaculture crop:

• Full control over the life cycle processes in captivity
• Fast growth rate, from egg to market size
• Simple and inexpensive dietary requirements.
• Hardiness and resistance to diseases
• Market acceptability
• Availability of advanced and proven technology

A few other ‘burning’ questions:
• How shall I choose the best possible site for my project?
• What is the best production system?
• What is the best possible crop organism to rise?
• How, and who, shall design my project?
• What will be my operating costs?
• What will be my financial returns, and profitability?
• How shall I protect my investment in aquaculture over the years?

APT helps you make the right decisions during your first steps into FISH FARMING

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