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"Looking for investors in Tilapia projects", Vinicio Sic, Siglo Magazine, Issue 21,, April 11, 2006

Es] Download  Size: 523KB

"Israeli aquaculture technology intended for Peru", Carlos Chuquín,, April 14, 2006

[Es] Download  Size: 34KB

"Aquaculture a business opportunity for the African private sector", Dr. Dan Cohen, Traders African Business Journal, Issue 13, February-May 2003

[En] Download  Size: 106KB

"Production of Tilapia for Export: A. By shrimp / Tilapia ‘crop rotation’ intensive system
B. By integration of Aquaculture and Irrigation (IAI)"
, Dr. Dan Cohen, June 200 appeared in 4th Latin American Aquaculture Cogress & Exhibition, Oct. 25-28, 2000

[En] Download  Size: 102KB

"Production of tilapia for export : II. Compact, modular super-intensive production systems", Dr. Dan Cohen, Panorama Acuicola Magazine, VOL. 3 No.4 May/June, 1998

[En] Download Size: 109KB

"Integration of Aquaculture and Irrigation: rationale, principles and its practice in Israel", Dan Cohen, Ph.D., 7th. International Conference on Water and Irrigation, Agritech Israel, May 1996

[En] Download Size: 98KB

"Fishing for further income", Dr. Dan Cohen, African Farming and Food Processing Magazine, March/April 1993

[En] Download Size: 104KB

"Ontogeny of social structure and population dynamics in the giant freshwater prawn, macrobrachium rosenbergii (de man)", Ziva Ra'anan & Dan Cohen, Crustacean Issues 3 Factors in Adult Growth, Ed. by A.M. Wenner, A.A.Balkema, Netherlands, 1985.

Download Size: 596KB


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